Chapter Summaries

On your assigned chapter write 2-3 complete sentences regarding it. Remember this is factual information only!
Chapter One - Ms. Jensen
Allie and Tamara are getting ready to begin their new school year in sixth grade at Grover Cleveland Middle School. While trying to decide what to wear on the first day, they discover their old LFC notebook bringing back a flood of memories. It is decided that Allie will begin a new book, chronicling the adventures of middle school.

Chapter Two - Douglas
Allie and Tamara start their first day at Grover Cleveland Middle School. Allie meets a new kid named Orren Kendall aka Frizzy haired kid. Allie doesn't sit with Tamara in science class because Tamara is sitting with an old enemy named Renee Anderson.

Chapter Three - Nicolas
It's Allie's first day at school and first day of soccer at Grover Cleveland Middle School, and her best friend Tamara is doing cheerleading with her old enemy. At soccer she will meet new people and an old friend. Dad calls and says he's coming over in a few weeks!

Chapter Four - Cyrus
Orren Kendall and Allie are now partners for their science class. Orren has now proven to be a totalnork Allie is feeling a little jealous that she is now stuck with Orren. Tamara has also ditched her when she said that they would ride the bus together and she isn't even there.this has been a rotten week for Allie.

Chapter Five - Rebekah
Allie and Orren finish their lab while the class goes crazy. Tam and Renee ask if they could use Allie and Orren's Lab. Allie lets them.

Chapter Six - Sarah
Tam lied to Allie so she could go to the mall with Renee. On the weekend, Allie decided to go play soccer with Jack.

Chapter Seven - Rachel
Allie and Orren are in Mrs. Larsen's science class and she is passing back each pair of students their lab papers. She hands Allie and Orren and Tam and Renee their paper with a big fat zero and tells them to see her after class. Luckily, their teacher is giving them a week to redo it but, she will deduct twenty points off.

Chapter Eight - Nicolas
Orren figures out Allie's crush on Chris, as well does Renee. Orren doesn't mind much now on having to redo their lab project. A sports banquet is coming up and this is Allie's big chance with Chris.

Chapter Nine - Cyrus
This week St.Agnes played Allison's team unfortunately St.Agnes won. Allison thought it looked like they didn't even get a scratch on them and looked perfect. Orren also asked Allison to the dance and she said yes.

Chapter Ten - Rachel
Lionel is cutting his hair and Allie accidently cut a bit too much of Lionel’s hair. Tam told Allie that she has to tell Orren that she doesn’t want to go with him but, in a nice way. Tam even told Justin that Orren asked Allie if she wanted to go with him.

Chapter Eleven - Sarah
Allie's dinner with her dad turned out to be a disaster. In the end, Allie thinks the question, "How in the world do you divorce your best friend?"

Chapter Twelve - Douglas
Allie is going to the sports banquet with Orren Kendall. Allie had her last soccer game for the season. Allie scored the winning point for the Tigers.

Chapter Thirteen - Rebekah
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Chapter Fourteen - Ms. Jensen
In the end it all worked out for Allie. Despite watching her old friend Tamara walk away from her and their friendship, Allie discovers that she has a whole new world waiting for her.

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