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Allie Kimball:
  • Funny (Ms. Jensen)
  • Dislikes brother (Douglas)
  • Happy (Cyrus)
  • Messy (Rachel)
  • Has divorced parents (Rachel)
  • Best friends with Tamara (Cyrus)
  • Kept her dad's last name instead of her mom's (Rachel)
  • Has a different name than her mom(Cyrus)
  • Loves to be with her dad (Sarah)
  • Good at soccer (Sarah)
  • Has a cat named Peebles (Rachel)
  • Has three year old brother(Rebekah)

Tamara Thompson:
  • Best friend of Allie (Ms. Jensen)
  • Loves clothing (Douglas)
  • Attractive (Cyrus)
  • Used to be in and started a club called LFC (Rachel)
  • Smypathetic towards Renee (Sarah)
  • Very honest (Nicolas)
  • Is in a cheer squad (Douglas)
  • Is very rude and mean. (Douglas)
  • Doesn't think that Allie is normal (Sarah)

Lionel Kimball
  • Mean brother (Cyrus)
  • Neat (Cyrus)
  • Nerd (Rachel)
  • Quick to blame Allie (Sarah)
  • Loves it when his father visits (Rachel)

Ms. Fine (Allie's mom)
  • Messy like Allie (Rachel)
  • Went back to her maiden name (Rachel)
  • Annoyed by Mr. Kimball a little (Sarah)
  • Teaches yoga (Cyrus)

Mr.Kimball (Allie's dad)
  • Divorced then remarried (Rachel)
  • Treats Allie like she is still 4 years old (Rachel)
  • One of the only people who cares about clothes more than Tamara (Sarah)
  • Has one more son (Cyrus)
  • Visits Allie and Lionel often during his business trips (Rachel)
  • Is remarried to a person named Marci (Douglas)

Renee Anderson
  • Was the third member of LFC (Rachel)
  • Went to the same school as Tamara and Allie in elementary (Rachel)
  • Said Tam had sort of a flat face in the LFC notebook (Sarah)
  • Has beautiful blond hair (Sarah)
  • Was old Archenemy of Tamara Thompson (Douglas)
  • Stealing Allie's friendship with Tam (Sarah)
  • An enemy in disguise (Sarah)

Justin Thyme
  • Likes to make an impression (Rachel)
  • Also went to the same elementary school as Allie (Rachel)
  • Usually really funny. (Nicolas)
  • Always just in time (Sarah)
  • His dad is a total joker (Sarah)
  • Plays soccer (Ms. Jensen)

  • Great soccer player on Allie's team(Cyrus)
  • Passible friend of Allie (Cyrus)
  • 6th grader (Ms. Jensen)

  • Sweeper on soccer team (Nicolas)
  • 7th grader (Ms. Jensen)

  • Knows Allie (Nicolas)

Coach Connors
  • Coach for soccer (Nicolas)
  • 7th Grade Earth Science teacher (Ms. Jensen)

Orren Kendall
  • Allie's lab partner (Rachel)
  • Has never gotten a F in his life (Rachel)
  • Knows about Allie's crush (Rachel)
  • Doesn't have many friends (Sarah)

Mrs. Larsen
  • 6th grade Science teacher ( Rachel)
  • Puts a lot makeup on her eyelids (Rachel)

Chris Gibson
  • Jack's cousin (Rachel)
  • Allie's crush in elementary school (Rachel)
  • Doesn't get or pay attention to Allie's jokes (Sarah)
  • Allie's baby brother (Rebekah)

  • Allie's dad's 2nd wife (Rebekah)
Sarah Simmons
  • African American (Rebekah)
  • Short hair (Rebekah)
  • Has been on the soccer team more than once (Rebekah)
  • Chosen for left wing on the blue team at 1st practice(Rebekah)
Kristen Dallman
  • Chosen as sweeper on blue team at 1st practice
Stuart Jackson
  • boys soccer team
  • good at soccer
  • Justin knows
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