Example Word:

accidiss - (noun) an accidental insult, the kind that slips out when you have something else on your mind.
  • I winced at my accidiss when I noticed my friend's hurt look.

On this page, you will enter words that you made up. Be sure to put the spelling, part of speech, definition and a sample sentence of using your word. Use the example up top when formatting your word. (You many want to copy and past the word up above and just type in over it.)

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Begin Dictionary:

amnworka - (Adjective) When you have amnesia over work.

  • I lost a point because I had amnworka. (Douglas13)
animsessed - (verb) when a girl is obsessed with animals.
  • My friend Julia is animsessed. (Rachel3)

aloway - (verb) when you are allowed to run away.
· My parents would never aloway me. (Sarah13)

Appea- (noun) a mixture of an apple and a pear
· The appea tasted wonderful. (Rachel13)

artored- (verb) is when you are bored you like to do art
besane- (adjective) When you go insane over the game bejewled.
  • I was besan once. (Douglas12)

  • I have a friend who gets artored often. (Rachel10)

birl - (noun) a boy who acts like a girl.
  • That boy over there is a birl. (Nicolas9)

Bookcite - (verb) a person who is very excited about a book.
  • I an be very bookcite about Harry Potter. (Rebekah3)

boravery – (verb) when a girl is very bored about something.
  • Mary, a girl who didn’t like sports, had a bad case of boravery at the basketball meet. (Sarah2)

bowup- (noun) a cup shaped like a bowl."
· It is way easier to drink soup from a bowup!" , said Sandy. (Rachel8)

Borsome - (adjective) Something that's so boring it's awesome.
· Watching that paint dry was so borsome. (Douglas7)

boyture - (noun) When a boy is obsessed with nature.
· I noticed a boy smelling flowers and wondered if he had a case of boyture.(Cyrus2)

briglorful- (adjective) is when something is both bright and colrful at the same time.
· That dress is so briglorful and pretty, Sandy! (Rachel9)
bweak - (Adjective) When you do something brave in a weak way.
  • The way Tom saved the class hamster was very bweak (Douglas15)

cabrinced - (verb) when you wince at the cold heart of someone who you used to like.
  • Allie cabrinced at the fact that Tam didn’t wear her friendship ring.(Sarah12)

Carrad-(noun) a mixture of a carrot and a radish
· The carrad salad tasted inspirational. (Rachel14)
cartwilling - (noun) a time when you really want to do a cart-wheel
· When I found out I got an A+ in most of my grades, I was cartwilling. (Sarah3)

cereacle- (verb) when you find a prize in a cereal box.
  • I found a cereacle while breakfast. (Nicolas6)

chocoberries- (noun) is a shorer name for chocolate covered stawberries
  • I love chocoberries! (Rachel15)
Chore-bot -
    • I gave my chore-bot a day off yesterday. (Nicolas13)

· My old friend Maggie was a compuher and also loved math. (Sarah5)
crackie- (noun) is a cracker that tastes like a cookie.
· Sam said, "Yum now I know what a crackie tastes like!" (Rachel7)
deplorsome - (noun) Something that seems horrible to one person but awesome to the next.

    • When Jimmy fell down the stairs it was deplorsome. (Douglas1)
dictined - (verb) When somebodys mind acts like a dictionary

    • Tommy's mind was dictined from trying to memorize the dictionary the night before.(rebekah4)
ferible - (noun) something that is terrilbly funny.
  • That part of the moviewas ferible. (Nicolas15)

foad- (noun) is a frog with a mutation that makes it half frog and half toad.
    • For the first time in my life I saw a foad. (Rachel12)

· My birthday that my Grandparents where all you play is bingo was strangely foreing.
Gwiik - (noun) A person who plays Wii obsessively, to the piont of geekoidism.

    • After a thousand hours of playing Wii, the gwiik mastered the last level of the game.(rebekah4)

hearner - (noun) a hamster that listens to the class to learn.

    • Humphrey is a hearner every day. (Nicolas11)
Homework-bot - (noun) a robot programed to do homework.
    • I invented a homework-bot! (Nicolas12)

horsaholic - (adjective) when someone is crazy about horses.
· My friend Rebekah and I are horsaholics. (Sarah6)
Hunired – (verb) To be very tired and hungry at the same time.

  • I was very hunired after the soccer game. (rebekah 2)

huloya - (verb) the act of a human to be very loyal to something or someone.

    • Loyalist where very huloya to their king. (Rebekah1)

Explosome -(Adjective) A awsesome explosion on televison.
· That show last night had tons of explosomes! (Douglas10)
fakeafriend - (noun) A really bad friend that pretends to be your friend but is just trying to find out all of your secrets and tell them to their real friend
· Tamara has been such a fakeafriend to Allison.(Cyrus7)
funneriffic - (adjective) a description of something fun and terrific.
· That game was so funneriffic I want to have a party in celebration of that really funneriffic game. (Nicolas1)
funtertaining - (noun) An indescribable rush of fun and crazy feelings
· Sam felt a rush of Funtertaining at Big Thunder mountain in Disneyland. (Cyrus1)
funxited - (noun) an emotion that is a combination of fun and exiting in the past.
· I felt funxited when I was riding the coolest ride in the world! (Rachel1)
garden-bot - (noun) a robot progamed to work in the garden.
  • My garden-bot did a gret jod in the garden. (Nicolas14)

girgoth - (adjective) a girl who is part girly-girl and goth.
· My best friend in 8th grade was a girgoth. (Sarah4)
goy - (noun) a girl who acts like a boy.
· My friend is a goy. (Nicolas10)
hamdent - (adjective) is a hamster who thinks like a student.
· We have a hamdent in our classroom ,his name is Fluffy. (Rachel4)
hoperryful - (adjective) a person who is hopeful and merry.
· He was hoperryful while doing his religion test. (Nicolas5)
kittyace - (noun) when you have a kitty cat face.
· When my little sister wants something, she puts on her kittyace. (Sarah10)
Lurney - (adjective) Someone who is looney over the lunar landscape.
· When Ted came back from Astro Camp he became Lurney. (Douglas6)
merind - (verb) when you remind yourself to not remind your self about something.
· I had to merind my self about my art project that I had already finished. (Sarah7)
mindraiser - (noun) when you try to collect thoughts from people.
· My friend said she would need to do a minraiser in order to write a poem. (Sarah9)
Poke-gram - (noun) a hologram of a Pokemon.
· I have a Poke-gram at home. (Nicolas7)
Pokesane-(verb) A person who is insane over Pokémon.
· When Ted could only say, “ Got to catch them all” for a week I thought he went Pokesane. (Douglas4)
psyamer-(verb) When someone goes psycho over a game.
· Since Ted was in his room for a month I wonder if he is a psychamer. (Douglas5)
Race-o-meter - (noun) a measurement indicating just how fast you are or not. .
· At the race yesterday the race-o-meter was off the charts. (Nicolas8)
rankinstein - (noun) When you smell so bad people mistake you for a monster.
· Look out it's rankinstein! (Douglas2)
reprocrast - (verb) constant waiting until the end to do something important or not.
· Mary is the most reliable person to reprocrast in our class of 52 students. (Sarah1)
rihamouse - (verb) when a hamster and a mouse have a riot.
· When Pedro the mouse first came into our fifth grade classroom, there was a rihamouse. (Sarah8)
Schorrible - (Noun) A horrible school day.
  • I had a schorrible day today. (Douglas11)

Stinkilicious - (verb) Something that smell horrible but tastes delicious.
· That Durian was stinkilicious.(Douglas3)
shild - (verb) A selfish child who nobody likes.
· I despise that rich snotty shild.(Cyrus4)
showersessed - (noun) When a girl/boy likes to take long showers
· I get very impatient when my sister becomes showersessed. (Cyrus 5)
    • When my sister gets sick she is a sickamatic. (Rachel11)

      slamster - (noun) a sleepy hamster. · Fluffy was a slamster yesterday. (Nicolas4)

      smellilious- (verb) when something smells and taste delicious.

      · "Mom dinner is smellious!", said Torrie. (Rachel6)

      snezanitis - (verb) when you can’t stop sneezing, but you aren’t sick.

      · She had a bad case snezanitis when she went back to school. (Sarah11)

      superrific - (adjective) when someone especially a student does supper and terrific on a test or assignment.
      • · Lisa did superific on yesterday's test. (Rachel5)
swimpar - (noun) a shorter way to say swimming party.
    • Instead of writing swimming party on the invitation I wrote swimpar. (Rachel11)
      terook - (noun) a shorter phrase for a terrific book.
      · I read a terook last night.(Nicolas2)
      Twilane - (adjective) When someone goes insane over twilight.
      · When Jenny couldn't stop talking about twilight I knew she went twilane. (Douglas8)

      upsalm - (verb) when you are upset, but have a calm reaction.

    • · My parents were upsalm when me and my brother ate all of the cookies in the jar. (Sarah14)
uglown - (Adjective) When you don't know your ugly.

  • Jenny didn't know it but she was uglown. (Douglas14)

· I watched as my neighbors became vobsess. (Cyrus3)
wizmug - (noun) it is a non-magical human who longs to be a wizard.

    • I myself, am a wizmug. (Sarah15)

· That party was wonderiffic. (Nicolas3)
yummylicious - (adjective) A food that is both yummy and delicious.
· The cake Lilly brought in was a yummylicious cake. (Rachel2)

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