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Current Book: Sixth Grade Glommers, Norks and Me


Motto: Coming together, sharing together, working together, succeeding together.



Coming Together: Visit often - this is the first step of being successful!

Sharing Together: Be willing to share your ideas and thoughts. Don't be shy....this is your wiki too!

Working Together: Listen to each other and consider each others ideas. Build on each others thoughts. Above all be respectful of everyone and what they have to say.

Succeeding Together: Succeed by contributing with your class and by listening to what others have to say. Celebrate one another's ideas. To Learn is to Succeed.

How, when, where and why?

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  • After your morning work is done - remember no talking and actively listen to the morning announcements and participate in the pledge and prayer
  • When your group is scheduled at computers during Reading Rotations
  • Sign up for during silent reading
  • After all your work is done
  • Before or after school

  • School
  • Home
  • Library
  • Anywhere else you have internet connection

To learn, share and collaborate. This is where you can take control of your own education. Ask questions of your classmate and give answers. This is your wiki - this is your education.

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